Our Themed Session comes with a lot of work and creativity which we work with great team members to put it all together starting from the taught of the theme and working with the parent to get the outfits. We at Four23 put it all together with getting the right vendors to deliver the design for the styling…….

Vendors :

Props by @By_georgietta

Cake by @darasbakesncake


This is picking the right background putting into consideration the colours, texture etc, also placing the right props at the best position that will not take away attention from the subject (child/model).


Lighting your subject is the most important part of the shoot (Photography) cause you can have all the right props, background and get it all wrong with your lighting.

So you decide how many light/strobe you are using and the placing of your lights to get the best image, you can use the light to create a mood, depending on what you want to create or story you want to tell the world with the image you are creating.


Everyone in front of your camera is your model, which could be a child, adult, pet or object, so placing your model or subject in the right position towards your light set up is important, and also considering what story you want your image to tell.

Communicating with your model is very important when photographing, this will help  you get the best pose and expression. if working with a child you need to get the child’s attention with the help of parent or people the child is familiar with….

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