“A Boy Living in Makoko: My Home Through a Photographer’s Lens” is a poignant and powerful photo essay that captures the daily life of a young boy growing up in the Makoko slum community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Through the eyes of my camera, the viewer is taken on a journey through the narrow alleys and cramped shacks that make up the slum, and given a glimpse into the everyday struggles of the boy and his family. Yemi skillfully captures the resilience and determination of the boy as he navigates the challenges of living in a community plagued by poverty, lack of basic necessities, and constant threat of eviction.

Yemi also shines a light on the vibrant and tight-knit community that exists within Makoko, despite the dire conditions. The photos capture the warmth and Friendship of the people, and their deep sense of belonging to their community.

Through this photo essay, Yemi offers a unique and intimate perspective on the lives of those living in Makoko, and highlights the urgent need for change and support for these communities. The photographs are not only a testimony of the living conditions but also a call for action to improve the living conditions in the slums.

“Photograph A child Project season 2 (participant) 2014”

6 thoughts on “A boy the Slum, Makoko”

  1. Wow. This is a powerfully told story. The black and white gives it a somber beauty and the boy looks so hopeful. That room is drama filled. I mean it’s like a film in stills. I’m stunned.

    1. It’s shows another side of the city called Lagos , it also gives us a view why we need to be more environmental and eco friendly. I like the black and white pictures. Strong and got depth. Nice one Yemi

  2. Award winning photographer and many more laurels to come. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Great piece Four23, this is a master piece. πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ🏽

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